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Holidays A Time Of Sharing


Holidays A Time Of Sharing

Take Elf With You

The holidays are here, and everyone’s looking to get into the spirit. However, you might find yourself wondering how to tap into the joy of the season without coming off as cheesy or fading into the tinsel-covered crowd. Here’s how you can stand out in the joyous season.
We invite you to take a S-ELF-IE with Dr. Richardson… at Home, at the Park, on your Holidays Travels. DOWNLOAD ELF-IE
Print out ELF-ie and take him along with you where ever you go during the Holidays. Take pictures of you holding ElF-ie, take pictures of ELF-ie enjoying the Holidays.
Put Elf-ie on your Facebook page, Tag us on Facebook #babyteethdoc, email us your pictures, or mail us a picture with ELF-ie and you will be entered to win a gift card.
A Winner will be chosen on January 11, 2018

elf dentist
Wishing you a Wonderful Holiday Season ~ Dr. Richardson and the Children Dentistry Team