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Special Needs Dentist Kaiser Riverside

Successful day at Kaiser Riverside

Dr. Richardson and his team finished another successful day at Kaiser – Riverside today!
As the only pediatric dentist with hospital rights at Riverside Kaiser he was privileged to treat some wonderful kids today!!! If you know a Special Needs child that needs dental care or a smaller child that needs safe hospital care – Dr. Richardson is your expert!!!
Dr. Richardson can assist any Kaiser Permanente pediatric patient needing a dental and caries evaluation. This will specially help those children that need medical anesthesia due to pre-cooperative age needs, or special needs as Dr. Richardson could perform their dental treatments at Kaiser Riverside and therefore their anesthesia could be covered by their Kaiser Permanente insurance policy.
Partnership between Kaiser Permanente and Dr. Richardson allow our local children to combine their Kaiser Permanente medical coverage with their pediatric dental needs. Schedule Appointment (951) 735-2011
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